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We Provide Best Services Some tattoo artists concentrate on a particular type or style of tattoo work. You might decide to stick to smaller, simple stencilled tattoos - much of the fashion led demand is for tattoos of this type.


  • 1.cosmetic tattooing (also called permanent make-up - PMU) - for example permanent eyebrows
  • 2.'medical' tattooing - for example showing that someone is diabetic
  • semi-permanent tattoos (including semi-permanent make-up) - these are designed to fade after three to five years
  • 3.re-colouring old and faded tattoos
  • 4.covering up or altering old and unwanted tattoos
  • 5.laser tattoo removal or lightening
  • 6.nose and ear piercing
  • 7.body piercing


Manu Farrarons.
Design More Then 3500+ Tattoos.
Dan Henk.
Design More Then 3300+ Tattoos.
Henk Schiffmacher.
Design More Then 3230+ Tattoos.
Kim Saigh.
Design More Then 3230+ Tattoos.‚Äč