Where did tattoos originate?

A Brief History Of Tattoos:
A tattoo is defined as an indelible mark fixed upon the body by inserting pigment under the skin, and the earliest evidence of tattoo art dates from 5000 BCE. Across time and cultures, tattoos have many different forms and meanings.

When and Where Were Tattoos First Performed?

Tattoos date back many thousands of years. In fact, we have firm evidence that tattooing is an ancient art form, after discoveries of tattoos on mummified skin were found. The oldest evidence of human tattoos is believed to be from between 3370 BC and 3100 BC.

Otzi the Iceman was discovered in September 1991. His nickname comes from the location he was found in the Otzal Alps. His body has naturally mummified and preserved, making him Europe‚Äôs oldest human mummy.

Types of tattoo:
  • Traditional Tattoo Style.
  • Realism or Realistic Tattoo Style.
  • Watercolor Tattoo Style.
  • Tribal Tattoo Style.

Traditional tattoos:

Realistic Tattoos:

Watercolor Tattoos:

Tribal Tattoos: